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Thursday, August 5, 2010

12 weeks

I am finally in my last trimester!
Ever-increasingly uncomfortable and becoming more anxious by the day. (The unknown and uncontrollable ellicits terrible fear in me!!)

Previously in a blog named "Pregnancy Pleasures" I listed some items that I wanted to partake in to keep my spirits up during pregnancy. Whilst I have not been accomplishing one a week as I had hoped, I have done a few off the list, and have a few more to add to help lighten the heavy load of pregnant bellies.

Previous list:
1. Prenatal massage
2. Family vacation ( we are thinking of taking a little cruise to have some special memories with our little girl before baby arrives) We went on a mini vacation to the Rapids water Park which we all thoroughly enjoyed! I will definitely be going there again.
3. Get a manicure
4. Get a haircut
5. Have a candle light dinner with my hubby
6. Go see a movie with a friend (not a kiddy one!)
7. Buy a new accessory Bought some lovely new wedge heels from Avon.
8. Take a pilates class I am taking a weekly yoga/pilates prenatal class. I love how relaxed and pain free I feel after a session.
9. Schedule lunch with a friend.
10. Make a kit for labor.

New items: 
11. Have a pajama day- movies and reading in pjs ALL day.
12. Hire a cleaner for after baby is here. 
13. Plan a mini babymoon with hubby.
14. Have some friends over for a mini pre-baby party
15. Go on a date. I'm thinking something fun...like boomers, but maybe a beach picnic will work wonders too.

If you have any suggestions of other pampering/ fun things to do that I may not be able to do for a while, drop me a line!

Love and lounging,
Kerry the Momster.

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